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  • Hawaii or bust!

    Hawaii Bound!

    Some of the Oklahoma delegation who will be attending the International Convention in Hawaii in a few weeks.

  • Check out the latest updates

    OK – we’re a little behind in posting, but the last two editions of the OK Lion are available, and the calendar is updated.  You can find the OK Lions on the OK Lion page.  The calendar is available as a .pdf, or you can choose the link to check it out on the web.  Cheers!

  • It’s that time of year again…

    Dear Lions Club Officer,
    Fiscal year 2015-16 is quickly approaching!  There are three beneficial reasons to report your club’s new officers as soon as they have been elected:
    • Find A Club (the locator on the association’s website) will display the new officers
    • The new officers will receive timely mailings from international headquarters and the district
    • The new officers will able to access and utilize the MyLCI site.
    Reporting the newly elected officers using MyLCI is easy.  Click Reporting Next Year Club Officers to view a three minute video demonstration.  When your newly elected officers are reported, using MyLCI, the information is immediately available to your district, as well as international headquarters.
    Alternatively, the newly elected officers can be reported using the paper Club Officer Reporting form.  (Mailing instructions can be found on the paper form.)
    While reporting next year’s officer assignments, it is an ideal time to verify the new officer’s mailing preference (home address or other address), as well as the contact information for the elected officers.
    Should you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.
    Member Service Center
    Lions Clubs International
    Phone:    630-203-3830
    Fax:        630-706-9295

  • Check out the latest OK Lion!

    The latest edition of the OK Lion is available for your viewing pleasure on the OK Lion page.

  • 2015 Oklahoma Lions State Convention

    The registration form for the MD-3 Oklahoma Lions State Convention is now available on the Conventions page.  Remember that the Early-bird deadline is April 10th.

  • Check out the new OK Lions Event Calendar

    Since the calendar widget was removed in an attempt to speed up the website, we have added a new Google calendar.  The link is under the Resources section on the bottom left.  If you would like to add an event to the calendar, please contact the state office (405-947-6540) or email the webmaster (troyfecta@yahoo.com).  Please include the dates, hours, locations, and other details.  Enjoy!

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