District 3-Northwest

District 3-Northwest
Governor Debbie Woodruff

15 N. Pecan Rd
Ponca City 74604
(C) 580-491-1118
Club– Ponca City Noon


Debbie Woodruff was born and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and moved to Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1992. In 2004 Debbie and Terry married and started a business downtown. They had a successful business for 12 years until Debbie retired in 2015. Together they have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Debbie has found a new hobby of radio and currently works for Sunny 104.7 doing a morning show, live remotes and Public Relations Representative.

Debbie joined the Ponca City Noon Lions Club April 5, 2010 because the club was doing a Membership Drive and Terry told her she had to. She and Terry also started the Northern Oklahoma e-Lions Club (NOeL) which raises money for Juvenile Diabetes.

District involvement would include 1stVDG, 2nd VDG, NOeL President, Secretary and Treasurer, Ponca City Noon Secretary, 2 years Zone Chair and several years on the Ponca City Noon Board. She also is currently serving on the Board of Trustees for The Lions Meadows of Hope. Debbie is also a Melvin Jones Fellow. In 2016, Debbie received a Builders Key for membership and in 2017 received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation.

Debbie and Terry are members of Central Baptist Church in Ponca City.
There is a verse that she lives by which is Phillipians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

This is a new District and a new century in Lions. Let’s move forward and serve those who need us!
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List of 3-Northwest Clubs


First Vice District Governor: Mary Koch (Mulhal-Orlando)
Second Vice District Governor: Vacant
District Advisor: Troy Jenkins (Guthrie)
Council Advisor: Dee Carson (Garber)
District Secretary: Claire Scott (Ponca City Noon)
District Treasurer: Curtis Bradley (Ponca City Noon)
District Global Leadership Team: (Joshua Busby) (Langston City)
District Global Membership Team: Joe Chandler (North Enid)

Region 1 Chairperson: Charles Michael, Jr. (Guymon)

Zone A: Guymon, Guymon Panhandle, Balko, Laverne
Chairperson: Charles Michael III (Guymon)

Zone B: Burlington, Cherokee, Wakita, Jet, Nash, Helena

Zone C: Woodward, Vici, Seiling, Fairview, Canton

Zone D: Watonga, Lomega, Okarche, Kingfisher, Weatherford, Cashion, Crescent

Region2 Chairperson: Terry Woodruff (Ponca City Noon)

Zone E: Kremlin, Ringwood, North Enid, Garber, Covington, Hennessey

Zone F: Ponca City Noon, Ponca City After Five, Tonkawa, Medford, Newkirk
Chairperson: Richard Wyler, Jr. (Ponca City After Five)

Zone G: Guthrie, Langston City, Mulhall Orlando, Perry. Morrison, Stillwater Noon

Zone H: Perkins, Cushing, Carney, Chandler, Davenport, Stroud, Prague