District 3-H

troy_jenkinsDistrict 3-H 
Governor Troy Jenkins

7665 E. Prairie Grove
Guthrie, 73044
(C) 405-641-2077
Club Stillwater Noon

Troy Jenkins joined the Stillwater Noon Lions in October 2001, and has served as Lion tamer, Director, Vice President, and is in his fourth year as the Membership Chair of that club. He has also served for three years as the State Chair of the IT Committee, one year as the State Chair of the PR Committee, and is in his fourth year as the Chair of the Oklahoma Lions Disaster Relief Committee.
Troy was named Lion of the Year for the Stillwater Noon Lions in 2011 and 2012. He received International President’s Letters of Commendation in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and an International Presidential Medal in 2012. In June of 2013, the Stillwater Noon Lions honored him with a Melvin Jones Fellowship. He was named 3-H Lion of the Year in 2016.
Troy has lived in seven other states (two of them twice), but currently lives in Guthrie with his wife of over 17 years, Julie Alan.
They have a number of dogs, cats , horses and miniature donkeys. While Troy has a lot of hobbies, including cooking, reading, and music, his favorite hobby is serving the community as a Lion.

3-H Clubs


First Vice District Governor: : Tom Mulligan (OKC NW)
Second Vice District Governor: Derrek McCubbin (Stillwater Noon)
District Advisor: Jacque Mooney (MWC) 
Council Advisor/Global Leadership Team District Leader: Tom Cummings (Cushing)
District Secretary: Gladeen Allred (Stillwater Noon) 
District Treasurer: Derrek Belase (Prague) 
Global Membership Team District Leader: Marvin Ainsworth (OKC WS) 

Zone A-Harrah, Midwest City, Norman, Norman Sooner, OKC Capital Hill
Chairperson: Mark Adair 

Zone B-Newcastle Community, OKC Downtown, OKC Northwest, OKC West Side, The Village
Chairperson: Pam Wright

Zone C-Chandler, Cushing, Davenport, Prague, Stroud
Chairperson: Russ Thurman (Cushing) 

Zone D-Crescent, Morrison, Mulhall-Orlando, Perry Stillwater Noon
Chairperson: Doug Emde (Stillwater Noon)

Zone E-Edmond, Carney, Cashion, Guthrie, Langston City, Perkins
Chairperson: Brian Norton (Perkins) 

Lions Alert (Disaster Relief and Preparedness)
Jacque Mooney
Derek McCubin
Tom Mulligan